Paprika to Color Egg Yolks

The color of food is one of the main factors that affect our purchasing decisions. In the case of animal production, this organoleptic aspect acquires great importance in the case of eggs, specifically in the yolk.
The subject of egg yolk color can be more complex than it appears due to the difference in colors preferred in different countries, leading to the use of a diverse range of different colors for this same product, having this is mind let’s see the utility of paprika to color egg yolks.

The color of the yolk of the eggs depends on numerous factors that can be divided into two: the type of food and the hen itself.

The complexity comes when different markets demand the same product but with different characteristics. For example, while in Switzerland or Canada they prefer pale yellow egg yolks, in Japan they demand that the yolk be reddish-yellow.

There are 2 types of dyes to color food: Synthetic and Natural. With modern trends, it is possible to predict with certainty that consumers are moving away from synthetic colors in favor of those of natural origin.

In the case of natural colorants, paprika is the favorite to induce the color that is necessary, using specific doses for each desired yellow range. At IMBAREX we have different types of colorings made from paprika that are perfect for these cases. Contact us here and our group of experts will be able to help you select the most suitable one for each requirement.



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