Trend in food: Natural Colorants

trend in food natural colorants

An important aspect in food is color, which conditions the consumer’s perception of the product and influences the purchase decision making process. Natural colorants are presented as an option that provides value solutions, taking into account that the demand for clean labels is growing. Color generates consumer expectations regarding product taste, texture, freshness and quality. Using these perceptions to determine whether or not the consumer likes the product, leading to a purchase decision.

Today’s consumers are much more aware of the impact of food on their health, generating consequently higher demands on the product’s ingredients. That is why food product developers are replacing synthetic colorants with natural colorants, also providing functional or nutritional benefits. But not only the trend is supported by consumers and their new tastes, but also the regulatory framework is increasingly regulating the list of ingredients for food products, having seen that synthetic dyes are harmful to health.

Technology is also an aspect that is supporting this change, because in the past there were not so many options of natural colorants, nor ranges of colors, so now it is easier for producers to find an option based on their needs. That is why we recommend you to receive a personalized advice with one of our representatives, where they will recommend the ideal product for your needs, if you are interested click on the following LINK.



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