Trends in the ice cream market

natürlicher Farben in Speiseeis

Ice cream is always good, whether in a cone, in a pot or on a stick. It is practically impossible to find someone who does not like ice cream and that is why ice cream parlors are very profitable establishments, especially in summer and on the hottest days. For those entrepreneurs in the area, knowing the trends of the ice cream market in the new year is important to guide their business. In this article we will point out the main trends for ice cream parlors and ice cream industries in 2022.

The ice cream market currently demands greater use of natural and healthy ingredients. There will be more inclusive eating, it will lead to an integration of consumers who have dietary restrictions as they will benefit the most from the use of natural ingredients.

The ice cream industry, like virtually all other areas, was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This should bring reflections to the market this year, therefore it is expected that by 2022 the use of natural colorants within the ice cream industry will be more in demand.

Among the novelties that the ice cream industry should bring for that year, is the use of cochineal carmine as one of the main natural colorants.

At IMBAREX we have the best natural colorants within the food industry, offering colorants such as carmine, annatto, paprika oleoresin, chlorophyll and curcumin.

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