Types of Carmine: Carminic Acid

tipos de carmin: acido carminico

We have already widely expound on how carmine’s flexibility allows to obtain different categories that provide a wide range of colors, from pink to violet. In addition, its easy application makes it one of the most popular coloring in the industry.

IMBAREX’S Carminic Acid is one of the 4 types of Carmine, which is a dark reddish-brown powder produced from cochineals. It is obtained by color extraction, followed by a protein-removal process, a crystallization process, and spray drying. Finally diluted with maltodextrin, it results in a bright-colored solution that may range from orange to red. It is soluble in aqueous fluids with any pH level.

IMBAREX’s Carminic Acid can be used in ice cream, baked products, patisserie, desserts, drinks and other food products in aqueous phase that require an orange to red shade in the final product. Such color will depend on the food product’s pH and amount used. As mentioned earlier, it is soluble at any pH level, however, it is particularly used in low-pH products.

It must be stored in a cool (15°C – 25°C), dry and well-ventilated place. The container must be kept properly closed. If this product is stored under the above-mentioned conditions, it will preserve its properties for up to 2 years. For its use, it must be diluted with deionized water at room temperature. Shake constantly while adding the powder.

This natural coloring fully complies with JECFA’s specifications for identity and purity, EU’s Regulation No. 231/2012/EC, E120 subsequent amendments, and current legislation 21 CFR 73.100.  This is not a GMO product, and no GMO ingredient is contained in this product, nor has been used during its production. No specification is required on the label in this regard.

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