Types of Carmine: Water-soluble carmine

tipos de carmín: carmín hidrosoluble

As we already know, carmine is one of the most popular natural coloring due to its flexibility, allowing to obtain different categories that provide a very wide range of colors ranging from pink to violet.

There are 4 types of Carmine; we have addressed two of them: Carmine Laca and Liquid Carmine Today, we will talk about IMBAREX’s Water-Soluble Carmine, which is a dark purple fine powder produced from Aluminum Lake and Cochineal’s Carminic Acid. It is obtained by aqueous extraction, followed by spray drying.

It provides a deep red color, so we recommend its use in food products, such as ice creams, cakes, sweets, snacks, soups, desserts, meats, and other food products.  It provides a shade between violet and red to the final product, depending on the type of product, process and amount used.

It is water-soluble, so it has to be diluted using only soft water at room temperature. Shake steadily while adding the powder. After filtering, add Propylene Glycol (5%), Glycerin (5%), and Potassium Hydroxide (or Ammonium Hydroxide) until pH reaches 11-11.5.

For its proper performance, it must be stored in a cool (15°C – 25°C), dry and well-ventilated place. The container must be kept properly closed. If this product is stored under the above-mentioned conditions, it will preserve its properties for up to 2 years.

IMBAREX’s Water-Soluble Carmine is available in plastic bags of 5, 20 and 25 Kg. It is also available in polyethylene or cardboard cylinders.

IMBAREX’s Water-Soluble Carmine fully complies with JECFA’s specifications for identity and purity, EU’s Regulation No. 231/2012/EC, E120 subsequent amendments, and current legislation 21 CFR 73.100. This is not a GMO product, and no GMO ingredient is contained in this product, nor has it been used during its production.

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