Types of Carmine: Liquid Carmine

liquid carmine

Carmine is the most important natural dye due to its excellent heat and light stability. 4 different types can be obtained from Carmine; shades variation of final product will depend on the type of carmine used.

Derived from the cochineal insect, it takes advantage of the essence of cochineal extract, which contains its rich pigmentation. This natural dye features a vibrant crimson hue and finds application in various industries, from cosmetics to the culinary world.

IMBAREX Liquid Carmine is a dark violet solution, made of lacquered aluminum and Carminic acid. It is water-soluble and is obtained by aqueous extraction, followed by a dilution process. It provides a deep red color.

Liquid Carmine can be used on ice cream, cakes, sweets, desserts, meat, drinks and other food products. It gives a hue between violet and red in the final product, depending on product type, process and quantity used.

The product must be shaken before use, since the pigment can settle during storage. It can be added to the target product during its shaking. If the color has to be diluted before use, it is better to use soft or distilled water. If not available, add it just before application. Do not mix with calcium salts.

Store in a dry and ventilated, cool place (15 ° C – 25 ° C). Container must be kept properly closed. If stored under specified conditions, the product will keep its properties for up to two years.

IMBAREX has it available in 180 Kg. metallic cylinders and 4 Kg and 20 Kg polyethylene containers.

IMBAREX Liquid Carmine fully complies with the JECFA Specifications for the Identity and Purity of Food Additives, the EU Regulation 231/2012/EC, and subsequent E120 amendments, and with the current legislation 21 CFR 73.100. This is a non- GMO product, and no GMO ingredient is present or has been used during its production.

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