Is the use of carmine dropping?

son lo mismo la cochinilla y el carmín

Despite what many believe, the use of cochineal carmine is not declining. On the contrary, it is growing more and more.

Although in some places in Europe its use is limited, and in the USA the labels have to be very explicit and clear, the use of carmine is not decreasing. According to a report by Grand View Research, it is estimated that by 2025, carmine use will increase by 5.8 CAGR, especially in the meat, dairy, confectionery and beverage industries. Because when it comes to food and food products, the natural takes a prominent role in our minds.

The reality is, there is a growing wave of health and awareness of what we are consuming and putting into our bodies. More and more people; and consequently, more companies, are looking for more natural ingredients and products. Synthetics and processed products are falling into oblivion, as we now know the consequences they can have on our bodies.

At IMBAREX, we produce and distribute natural colorants such as cochineal carmine, paprika, annatto extract and curcumin, among others. We are aware that health comes first, and that is why we want to offer natural products of the highest quality.

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