Use of Natural Colorants in Jellies

colores naturales en gelatinas

The demand for the use of natural colorants in food and beverages has been growing year after year, what started as a trend in certain products is now present in virtually all products in the global market. The main reason for this trend is the harmful effect that the consumption of synthetic dyes has on consumers’ health in the long term.
Among the products that are demanded to use natural colorants are jellies, these products consumed largely by children are the subject of consumer requests for the use of natural colorants.
Color is a very important characteristic when it comes to attract children’s consumption, so it is important to present colors that appeal to the psychological part of children but that are not harmful to their health.
At IMBAREX we have a wide portfolio of natural dyes suitable for use in all types of jellies. Contact us here so that our group of experts can help you with the choice of the right colorant for your product.



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