Uses of Carmine E120

colorante para tonos rojos

When we talk about carminic acid, we are referring to E120, which is the name given to Carmine used in the food industry. E120 is used in any kind of food product that requires a shade from pink to red in order to look more appealing.

As we know, the color of a product is one of the main factors of a consumer’s buying decision-making. So, if a product does not have an appealing color, it will require some coloring to be added in order to help enhancing such color. In this process, there are two options: natural or artificial coloring. However, many studies reveal that artificial coloring is harmful for health.

That is why carmine E120 is so popular in the food industry. Even though it is mostly used in the meat industry, it is also widely used in sweets, pastries, beverages, dairy products, etc.

We just need to take a quick look to food labels to see that E120 is one of the most popular colorings in the food industry. Products like sausages, chorizos, gummies, industrial cakes, jams, sweets, syrups, canned vegetables, ice creams and dairy products such as strawberry or red fruits yogurts, in drinks like sodas, fruit juices, and energy drinks. Everything, absolutely everything contains E120!

Besides, E120 is classified as FD&C by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, and is included in the list of additives of the European Economic Community (currently known as European Union), within the allowed toxicity parameters – Acceptable Daily Intake ADI – meaning that E120 is a natural coloring that is harmless to humans and can be ingested.

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