Uses of carmine lake

usos del carmín laca

Carmine is divided into 4 types: Liquid Carmine, Water-Soluble Carmine, Carmine Lake and Carminic Acid. Depending on the final result you want to obtain, each of them can be applied in different products.

As already specified, Carmine, which is derived from the Cochineal, is one of the most used natural colorings because it works well on food giving them a shade that ranges from pink to deep red. It can be used in syrups, sweets, jams, gums, industrial cakes, canned vegetables, ice creams and dairy products, such as strawberry or red fruits yogurts, or in some energy drinks.

However, it is not only used in the food industry, as it is also used in other industries such as pharmaceutical and cosmetics. In this way, it is possible to give a product, which does not have an appealing color, a tone between pink and red.

Carmine Lake has different applications. Its use stands out in the food industry. This is a deep red powder, produced from aluminum and carminic acid lake, soluble in alkaline solutions. It is obtained from an aqueous extraction of the cochineal color, followed by a drying and grinding process. It provides a deep red color in solutions.

Carmine Lake is applied in foods that need an attractive color to look appealing, such as ice creams, juices, cakes, snacks, bread, sweets, soups, desserts, meats, and other products. It provides a tone between red and pink, depending on the product, coloring process, and amount used.

Carmine Lake IMBAREX is diluted using soft water and Sodium Hydroxide at room temperature. Shake constantly while adding the powder. After filtering, add Propylene Glycol (5%), Glycerin (5%), Ethyl Alcohol (7%), and Potassium Hydroxide (or Ammonium Hydroxide) until pH reaches 11-11.5.

We recommend storing it in a cool (15°C – 25°C), dry and ventilated place, in an appropriate, sealed or closed container. If the product is stored according to the above-mentioned instructions, it will have a useful life of 2 years.

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