Vegetable Dye

colorante vegetal

Food colours are a type of food additive that gives colour to food.

They are currently used by the food industry with the aim of modifying consumer preferences since colour is one of the main factors in the consumer’s purchasing decision.

Food colours can be classified by colour and also by origin.

Depending on the origin, food colours can be of natural or artificial origin. Artificial colours are generally developed in laboratories with the aim of reducing costs and achieving colours that cannot be achieved with natural colours. The direct consequence of this is that artificial colours have no nutritional value and can even be harmful to health to the extent that it is recommended that their consumption be avoided altogether.

Within the natural dyes, we can distinguish between natural dyes of animal origin and those of vegetable origin. The latter are obtained from natural sources such as fruits, vegetables, tubers, among others. These stand out because their consumption is not harmful and their nutritional value.

Some of the natural vegetable dyes offered by IMBAREX are annatto, chlorophyll, paprika, curcumin and hibiscus.

If you would like more information on these or other natural colorants, please click on the following link and one of our representatives will contact you.



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