Water Soluble Dyes 

tipos de carmin laca

IMBAREX natural dyes is a leading Peruvian company in the production of natural dyes. Since the beginning of its operations, IMBAREX has sought to produce high quality natural dyes, thus providing added value to the raw materials that originate in Peru.

IMBAREX specializes in the development, production and manufacture of high quality natural dyes following all international standards and norms.

In general, natural dyes are classified according to their origin into dyes of natural origin and dyes of synthetic origin. This is, without a doubt, one of the main factors that differentiate dyes, however there are other ways of classifying dyes and one of these is according to the characteristics of the product or medium where they will be applied.

Thus, it is possible to differentiate between dyes that behave well in acid or basic media or both, dyes that degrade with temperature and others that resist it and dyes that are soluble in water and others that are soluble in oil.

In general, in the food industry the most demanded dyes are water-soluble ones, which is why IMBAREX offers both water-soluble carmine and water-soluble norbixin.

IMBAREX Water-soluble Carmine is a fine, dark purple powder produced from Cochineal Carmine Acid. It is obtained by aqueous extraction, followed by spray drying.

IMBAREX Water-soluble Norbixin is a dark brown powder, obtained from the Annatto seed (Bixa Orellana). The pigment is extracted using an aqueous alkaline method, followed by neutralisation with inorganic acid and finally atomised in an alkaline solution.

Imbarex is a supplier of natural dyes with international presence, we have offices in Mexico City, Barcelona and Sao Paulo in Brazil, where we maintain a wide stock of our products for local distribution and from where we also distribute our products to more than 50 countries worldwide for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

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