What are the characteristics of Annato E160b or achiote?

What are the characteristics of Annato E160b or achiot

Annato E160b is a natural vegetable coloring extracted from annatto, it is also used as a condiment in some Mexican dishes; the shades it reaches range from yellow to orange and for this reason it is used in various preparations, such as: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fish, chicken, red meat or sauces, etc, since its tonality attracts the attention of consumers.

Annato or achiote has different health benefits, one of them is the level of calcium it has, which is important to keep the bones strong and reduce the discomfort caused by degenerative diseases. It is a good food to be consumed by older adults with arthritis, which they will find advantageous and will not suffer adverse effects as in the case of artificial additives.

It also has beneficial properties for the skin and eyesight, keeping them healthy and rejuvenated, which is important for children, youth and adults. It also improves digestion, as it is diuretic, has antioxidant properties and is an antibacterial, so by using this natural coloring your food will be free of harmful microorganisms, which affect your health and integrity.

Annato E160b is a natural coloring recognized by the amount of benefits and uses that surround it, which are ideal to maintain a healthy diet and reduce the risks of suffering diseases generated by the fault of some chemicals. That is why in IMBAREX we recommend the use of natural dyes, which will not bring any negative effects, rather they will be positive, so we provide personalized advice with one of our representatives who will recommend the ideal natural dye for your needs, click on the following LINK.



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