Red food coloring

colorantes naturales para rosa y rojo

Cochineal Carmine is one of the oldest natural colorings with the highest coloring power.  When used as a pigment (liquid), the coloring method chosen is dissolution, and its coloring power will depend directly on its purity. However, when used as coloring (solid), the dying method chosen is dispersion (color distribution along the material), and its coloring power will not depend on its purity.

As we explained in other articles, it is probably the coloring with the highest technological characteristics among all natural colorings. Cochineal Carmine, which is a very versatile natural coloring, provides great value to different industries that use it to elaborate various products that require a red to pink color.

For example, Food Industry applies it to any food product requiring a strawberry red tone, such as, hamburgers, sausages (chorizo), crab sticks, fish and seafood substitutes. It also provides color to alcoholic (Campari-like) and non-alcoholic drinks, such as, fruit juices, powdered drinks, and energy drinks. It is also used in jelly, jams, cherries, powdered soup; strawberry-flavored dairy products (yogurts and milkshakes) and it also can be found in candies, syrups, sweets, and chewing gums.

Carmine is also used in the Cosmetics Industry for eye products, facial powder, eye and lip liners, eyeshadow, etc. From a quality point of view, the cosmetics industry is the most challenging. It demands only high-purity carmine matching in tone with their quality and color standards. In addition, it is the only coloring approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In the Pharmaceutics Industry, Carmine powder or liquid is used in the elaboration of pills and tablets. In alkaline solution, it is used in toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.

Carmine is also used to manufacture artificial flowers, paint, and crimson ink. A deep red coloring and carmine stain, used in microbiology, are commonly made with carmine extract.

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