What is the appropriate natural colorant for confectionery?

What is the appropriate natural colorant for confectionery

When choosing a dessert, the consumer is largely guided by the visual appeal, that is how we choose the right one. That is why it is not only necessary to know how to mix ingredients, but also to have the skills to generate visual experiences with natural food coloring.

Each shade of color represents something in particular in people and draws more or less attention, in the case of pastry the most striking color would be brown, as it reminds us of chocolate, an appetizing flavor in this market, especially for children. This makes us think more about the natural color to be chosen, since it is necessary to go beyond theory and focus on what the consumer expects from the final product. There must be a relationship between color and flavor because if not, consumers will feel deceived and will not trust the brand again.

The use of natural dyes for confectionery products gives them an added value, since they can be promoted as 100% natural, which will allow a better sale of your desserts to the society that is increasingly interested in taking advantage of environmental resources without harming their integrity. They also offer an attractive color, making the desserts more eye-catching on the counter.

That is why in IMBAREX we recommend the use of natural dyes in confectionery, and to receive the correct dye for your products, we offer personalized advice with one of our representatives, by clicking on the following LINK.



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