What the shades of Natural Colorants convey


The colors in a product are very important, and even more if these products are food products. Each tonality not only transmits different feelings, but also transmits envelopes, with which we relate the color of the product, and at the moment of its consumption we will verify it, that is why the color of the food product, has to be related to its flavor.

The orange color, extracted from Annato E160b, brings benefits such as improving the image of the skin, relieves stomach discomfort, strengthens vision and the immune system. But as a color it conveys positive energy, creativity and commitment, thus evoking similar sensations when viewing the product which will make the consumer feel attracted to that product. While the yellow dye produced from turmeric and Annato E160b, represents joy, enthusiasm, power and freedom, also bringing health benefits which will make the product more attractive to consumers.

The carmine coloring is the one that results in reddish tones, it is very attractive, it shows warmth, vitality and optimism, being commonly implemented in food products such as cereals, yogurts, sausages, etc. It also provides vitamins, minerals, improves blood flow and digestion. Finally we have the green color, which represents nature being extracted mainly from plants, this natural dye is used in beverages, confectionery, desserts, bakery, etc, also providing benefits in the body.

As we can see the dyes not only provide colors, but also nutritional benefits, and these colors generate feelings in consumers, which makes them more attractive, that is why in IMBAREX we want to recommend the best natural dye for your product, and to determine it we offer a personalized advice with one of our representatives by clicking on the following LINK.

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