Where to buy natural colors

donde comprar colorantes naturales

Natural Colors are ingredients used mainly in the food industry to give the desired color to a food or product. These are exclusively obtained form a natural source, that means, the raw material for their production is obtained 100% from nature. On the other hand, synthetic dyes are generally made from oil.

There are many types of companies in the field of natural colors. Some are dedicated only to collect, store and sell the raw material. Other companies acquire this raw material and process it to obtain the finished natural dye. Finally, there are companies that are exclusively dedicated to the sale of these products.

IMBAREX natural colors produces its own raw material, the cochineal. It also processes it and obtains in this way the natural carmine dye, to then market it in different parts of the world. This vertical integration has the following benefits:

  • It reduces logistic and transport costs. This translates into better prices for the final customer.
  • Less production time and immediate availability for the dispatch of the product as required by the client.
  • Greater quality control from the field to production. We control each process and deliver a product of excellent quality.

For more information about cochineal carmine or other colorants contact us here. 



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