Natural Colorants replace synthetic

pigmentos para alimentos y cosmeticos

Natural colorings or dyes are colored substances extracted from plants and animals, which are becoming more and more popular in different industries.

Not so long ago, synthetic dyes dominated the large majority of industries, because they allowed to produce countless colorful products at low costs. However, due to current controversial health-promoting attitudes around the world, these products are being replaced by natural dyes. Additionally, major technological advances took place providing better quality, stability, and color alternatives, which allows the industry to evolve towards healthier options.

Natural colorings are obtained from food itself and other natural resources. These are extracted through a physical or chemical process, and the selection of pigments depends on the product and color. From our portfolio, we highlight carminic acid, which offers a mid-orange shade, and AMD carmine, from which a red color is obtained. By mixing both, we can obtain colors such as red-yellow or red-blue. These are characterized for their stability to acid.

In general, natural colors obtained currently are quite stable. They do not degrade or change color when applied to food. In IMBAREX, the most suitable coloring can be selected depending on its application and considering different variables such as whether the base is oil, water, alcohol, glycerin, among others.

Unlike synthetic dyes, natural colorings are not harmful to health, which is why usually everyone can consume foods colored with these elements. In addition, most of these natural colorings provide nutritive elements to the body. For this reason, many industries such as food, cosmetics, among others, prefer them over artificial dyes. For more information about our products and services, please contact our sales force here.



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