Why does color matter?

why does color matter

Each color in the spectrum comes with its own set of emotional and physical connotations, some of which are broadly universal, while others are culturally-specific. Color can create meaning, which puts it at the heart of an enjoyable food or beverage consumption experience. It can be used as a key to the story of how a product is made and the benefits it offers, both on a functional level and through subtext and emotional appeal.

This is easiest to see in the world of confectionery, where colors have long-standing correlations to classic flavors, eg, red for strawberry or yellow for lemon. Color is also one of the key indicators of ‘doneness’, as seen through levels of browning in a variety of foods, including meats and breads.

As color psychology is increasingly applied to food and beverage products, we’re seeing it overlap with other trends in this space. For example, as the demand for plant-based and organic products rises, consumers now expect natural ingredients for food coloring.

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