Why use food colorants?

Why use food colorants?

Food industries seek to improve the level of quality and benefit their consumers constantly, that is why their products and services evolve. That is why natural food coloring is currently entering with force, to give a more intense and provocative tonality to food, without the need to use chemicals and harmful elements that harm the health of consumers.

The use of natural colorants is currently an attraction for consumers, which is positively reflected in sales. Some of the reasons to opt for this new alternative and improve the characteristics of their products are: Food safety, and this because natural colorants do not require chemical or synthetic implements which alter the composition of the product. By using natural colorants the results are improved by adding nutrients from vegetables or fruits which are used to extract the color.

Reliability and exigency, nowadays consumers are obsessed with reading the labels of the products they consume, in order to verify if the processing and handling of the food has been done naturally or with chemical elements. That is why the use of natural colorants generates greater reliability and meets the requirements, while the use of artificial colorants makes consumers lose confidence in those products.

The variety of colors and uses is one more reason to opt for the use of colorants, and nowadays natural colorants offer several options of colors and types of colorants for each application in the different categories of the food industry, that is why they are more attractive than ever and the acceptance of consumers is very positive. Then there is the easy labeling of the products since using natural pigments, mentioning them does not generate complications, while the artificial ones are complex names that are not easy for consumers to identify.

For all these reasons and more in IMBAREX we recommend the use of natural dyes in their food products, and that is why we offer a personalized advice with one of our representatives, where you can determine what is the best natural dye for you based on your needs, click on the following LINK and you will be contacted.



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