Which food products contain carmine?

carmin para alimentos

Cochineal’s Carmine is known as the best natural coloring, due to its wide use in the food industry to provide color to products requiring a tone from pink to deep red, such as sausages, syrups, sweets, jams, gums, industrial cakes, vegetable preserves, ice creams, and dairy products, such as red fruits and strawberry yogurt, or some energy drinks and sausages.

However, a recurring problem involves animal defenders and vegans creating campaigns to stop the usage of Carmine as a natural additive. Why? According to them, they are eating insects.

However, many food brands using Cochineal in their products sustain that the lobby against them is trying to confuse misinformed consumers. Experts state that 99% of campaigns against carmine are misleading advertisements where they even use photos of other insects.” It is not by chance that both, the FDA and the EU, have approved its use as a natural coloring, which is even innocuous.

Then, where is cochineals’ carmine used? In pretty much EVERYTHING. Cochineals are used in the meat industry, dairy products, high-quality cosmetics (lip tints, nail polish), candies, alcoholic drinks, pharmaceuticals, textiles, historical paintings and also in high-end industrial paints (for buildings with luxury design or historical).

In short, regarding food products, it can be found in ingredients as E-120 in strawberry and red fruits yogurts, in most sausages, in all kinds of sweets and red candies as Mentos or gummies, in red drinks, strawberry or raspberry jams, in sweet syrups, among many others.

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