Yacon Consumption by Diabetics


Discover some of the main benefits of consuming Yacon

Yacon is a plant cultivated in the Peruvian Andes since Inca times as it is part of their regular intake of food and medicine. Its yellow flowers are similar to daisies; and its roots, sweet and low in calories, are usually eaten raw.

This tuber generally grows in warm and temperate zones of the Andean Mountains. It has a similar appearance to a potato, and its sweet flavor resembles the flavor of an apple. Considered as one of the natural substitutes of sugar, this tuber offers various benefits for health.

Yacon consumption is highly recommended for diabetics, being its main advantage that it helps the organism to metabolize glucose. Unlike other tubers, this food increases the insulin production of pancreas, reducing sugar levels in blood and allowing the caloric output to be obtained from other sources such as proteins and fats. Furthermore, using the tree leaves for preparing tea helps keeping sugar levels under control if consumed on a daily basis.

Among other nutritional properties of yacon, its content of calcium, copper, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, as well as vitamin C stands out the most. All these characteristics make thia tuber a unique product that, in addition to being eaten raw, may be consumed in jellies, flours, infusions, syrups and even flakes.

At Imbarex we produce a yacon syrup rich in probiotics, which is beneficial for the stomach’s microflora. This syrup is obtained from the yacon root and pulp, after being pressed and extracted. Used as a substitute for honey, it is ideal for sweetening and flavoring beverages. If you want to learn more about yacon please visit us here.



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