Yellow/Orange Dyes

colorante amarillo naranja

In the food industry, one of the most popular colours is yellow and orange. Dyes of these bright colors are used for many products such as cheese, yogurt, candy, ice cream, snacks, fruit pulps and extracts among others.

These colorants are very important for manufacturers as they give a characteristic and unique color to their products while making them more attractive to the eyes of consumers. It is widely reported that the visual component is one of the main factors in the consumers purchase decision and in this sense, the colour of the products plays a fundamental role.

Another factor to take into account for the application of these colorants is their origin. There are synthetic and natural dyes. In general, natural origin dyes have the same performance as synthetic dyes with the benefit of having a better nutritional value. This is why today companies are increasingly looking for natural ingredients for their products at the same time that consumers are demanding products with natural ingredients.

IMBAREX has in its product portfolio, natural colorants to achieve shades of yellow and orange. Both water-soluble Norbixin and Annatto OS (oil dispersible) produced from annatto seed are excellent natural alternatives for these purposes. Both have an excellent shelf life and good light and temperature stability.

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