Brazilian Meat Industry 2019

brazilian meat industry 2019

After two years of slow expansion and the deepest recession in the country’s history, Brazil’s economy will grow by 2.55% in 2019, according to market projections for the first year of Jair Bolsonaro’s government.

Despite the meat scandal in Brazil by two of the country’s most important producers, Brazil is the world’s leading meat exporter. Annually, the South American giant exports US$5.5 billion worth of beef and US$6.5 billion worth of chicken. It is also the country that exports to the largest number of world destinations, close to 150 countries.

66% of the beef/buffalo meat traded comes from the United States, Australia, Brazil and India.
In 2018, Brazil exported chicken meat to 163 countries, 15% over the previous year. Exports are concentrated in 10 major markets, representing almost 70% of all exports.

As for chicken meat – whose exports Brazil has led for more than a decade, also placing itself as the world’s second largest producer, behind only the United States and in front of the European Union and China (which lost two positions and is now the fourth largest producer in the world) – the USDA suggests that Brazilian production and exports will grow 1.8%, the U.S. 2% and 3% and the European 1% and 5%. Brazilian chicken meat production would reach 13.6 million tons.

The small increase in chicken meat exports, according to the Department, is mainly due to larger shipments projected for new markets such as South Korea, Chile and Mexico, in addition to China’s increased demand for chicken meat.
In Brazil they are waiting for the possible authorization of new plants to ship beef to the Chinese market. Technicians from this country have already inspected the plants that could be authorized. In addition, Brazilian slaughterhouses expect that in 2019 will reopen the U.S. market for beef. As for beef, the USDA suggests that Brazilian production should increase by 3% and would export 11% more beef during 2019.

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