Intense Red Food Dye

colorante rojo Intenso

Cochineal carmine is a natural red food dye, obtained from the cochineal. This dye allows to reach tonalities that go from intense reds to violet or purple. Due to the ease of its application it is considered one of the most popular dyes in the industry.

The carmine has multiple applications in the food industry such as meat products, seasonings, sweets and bakery. It also has applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Within the range of natural colorants offered by IMBAREX, we have a variety of carmine that offers an intense red color. The HT or High Tinting carmine series is a carmine lake with excellent light and temperature stability. It performs very well on p.H. from 3.8 to 8.

Like the other varieties of carmine, this intense red dye is used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

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